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The path of Ricardo Trevisani gastronomy sum 30 years, 9 of them in northern cuisines of Italy next to the Chef Luciano Boseggia (former Fasano) and 18 ahead of Fasano Group, as director of new business. In 2000, opens its first restaurant, Maremonti Trattoria & Pizza.

Today, in partnership with João Paulo Diniz, Trevisani is dedicated to welcoming the command "Ristorantino" which prioritizes the excellent cuisine and service.

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Plants and natural light greet the customer in the waiting room of Ristorantino, which refers to a nice gazebo. The house of 70 seats is divided into three rooms: the downstairs lounge is embraced by a charming bar waiting; the top floor is divided between a wooded terrace and a more private and intimate atmosphere room; this mezzanine accept bookings for exclusive events for up to 50 people. 

The elegant and inviting aura of the house is designed by experienced decorator Nando Marmo.

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The menu of the Ristorantino values the best of each ingredient, especially the organic and the products brought from Italy. The menu consists of antipasti, pastas, risottos, fish and meats. Fresh homemade pasta is prepared at the time of order. 

At lunches from Monday to Friday, Ristorantino offers "Ristô Executive", with a difference of R$ 70 (starter + homemade pasta), or R$ 88 (starter + main course).

The Wine Charter privileges the old world and offers options of biodynamic wines.

Meet our full menu e wine cellar.
In the lounge, guests are welcomed and cared masterfully directly by maîtres and their direct reports. The person responsible for keeping the team working rhythm in tune is the maître-manager, Milton Ribeiro, a master in the art of receiving.

All work is refined by the friendly presence of Ricardo Trevisani that ensures the differential service to the Ristorantino proposes.

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The chef Henrique de Marchi Schoendorfer went through Fasano Group kitchens, such as: Parigi, Gero, Forneria San Paolo e Gero Caffè, where he also collaborated with the room staff. In 2012 was in the renowned Al Pont de Ferr and Rebelot in Milan. Three years later, he apprenticed at the prestigious Noma, Copenhagen restaurant headed by chef René Redzepi, until be invited to head the kitchen of Ristorantino. Henrique surprises by his technique and his signature is the respect for the product, the idea of using whats around and the preference for organic. His recipes reflect the versatility of Italian cuisine.

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